Is the Windows Defender Antivirus enough For Windows 10?

You can survive in a computer world that is free from all security threats. How?

For one, your computer must never have a flat disk inserted. Secondly, it must never connect to the internet. But the question is, how possible is that? The truth is we have flush drives and public WIFI at every other point.

So let’s rule out the issue of working off the internet. Besides, the internet age comes with numerous gold-mines for computer users to explore. Let me share one secret with you. There are hazardous teams out there, just lurking behind computer screens and baying for every bit of information about you. It could be your passwords, browser habits, or only spies tracking you via your video- cam.

But here comes the good part; when Windows 10 was released, it had a unique feature; it’s the Windows Defender Security Center.

Can I be frank with you? With this windows feature, you are guaranteed of steering safely through every computer security danger. And that applies to both online and offline as well.

One point to always observe is, always keep it updates now and then. So the initial set up and scan are not cork sure for your security onwards. But does anyone want to tick the run- updates every time you press start? Luckily, you can explore the auto-update option.

Let’s explore some of the critical features for Windows Defender Security Center as the Best Antivirus For Windows 10 PC.

The Windows defense center comes as a customized package with the element of the user security in mind. Your browsing does not have to be a fearful experience.

The Microsoft Edge has a built-in screen that proactively monitors your downloaded files as well as the URLs that you browse. And these two are the two main culprits when it comes to the safety of the computer resources. The crazy thing with downloads is that you are never sure if the users at the other end may have embedded any malicious elements. It could be a virus or a Trojan. The case for dangerous URLs is a bit trickier. Technically, the sites could perform front-end tricks with deliberately inserted java-script codes. The other instance is where the server is configured carefully to take advantage of your laxity when it comes to your online security.

Built-in Parental control features: Here comes a tricky part. Every kid dreams of exploring online stuff, and your challenge is to keep them where off-limits with the x-stuff. So allow Windows Defender Security Center to assist you to steer the surfing of minors, limit site access, times when they can log in or games they can play or not.

The Windows Defender Security Center is designed with the Windows Firewall in mind. This is the very first instance that the operating system can keep off both hackers and soft wares that are malicious from exploring network loopholes at your disadvantage.

Finding Your Lost Device: Against all the odds, it happens, and you find your gadget missing at one instance or the other. One thing you can concur with me is that losing hardware isn’t the problem, but the information itself.

Relax; with Windows 10 as your Operating system, you need to explore the service that establishes the location of the hardware. It allows you to lock it up and erase your GPRS location features and other critical logs.

Wrap up:

Every Windows 10 computer user needs to be aware of the explorations that hackers and spies make. The best way to get protected emanates where users value security inherently. Creating time to learn the basics and explore the features of the Windows Defender Security Center will be a step towards a safer computer world for yourself and others.

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